27 02, 2018

Onboarding in Chile: The team is playing for the new Member


If 86% of new executives decide to stay or leave a company, during its first six months, backed up by international studies, is it not enough reason to question how to retain them strategically? Add to this that 69% decides to stay more than three years, given their experience during the first six months, when they have experienced a good onboarding process. There is the answer to how retain them, ensuring a good first experience. Those who have lived it say it safely. It is not coincidence that some of the witnesses in Chile show the contribution that a [...]

23 06, 2017

Is Chile really a creative country?


Perhaps from our Latin American identity or simply our own idiosyncrasy, is to go out and admire in any sidewalk, fair, local market and even the formal trade, how our market strategy has been, since long ago, looking for ideas in other markets and replicating them, with a frantic speed. What started as a practice of benchmarking in fashion or technology, is now perhaps more of an engine of our economy. And the few ideas that are local, are rapidly imitated by others, with a level of impressive accuracy, which reflects not only the lack of innovation in the [...]