Monthly Archives: May 2016

27 05, 2016

Who chooses the company or the candidates?


According to the survey by SommerGroup®, where it asked, if companies are winning over their candidates; 63% replied: “No, because the companies are choosing who joins." This response is known by many as it represents the paradigm of recent times, which is that corporations are choosing who joins them. However, today this is changing very quickly, especially with the new generations of professionals and executives. "Promptly we will show how these percentages will be reversing because today people, employees, and executives are much more selective when choosing the companies they want to work for and the characteristics of the [...]

17 05, 2016

Headhunters meet with the top leaders to analyze the global and local industry


In April the annual meeting of the AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants) took place in New York, with leading worldwide headhunters, to tackle the most cutting-edge issues in the Executive Search industry.

17 05, 2016

Talent Management: The 80/20 business success


Column by Magdalena Gili How long have we talked about Talent Management? The concept of "Talent Management" was born at the end of the 90s. Research from Mc Kinsey shows that 80% of a company's profits are generated by 20% of its workforce. This makes it difficult for an organization to attract and retain talented people; the phrase "the battle for talent" is often used. This has become one of the most key issues, ever since. Talent is the inimitable weapon, the differentiating factor in the success of the company, in an environment that tends to be global, complex, [...]