Publications 2019

6 11, 2019

Executive Search Conference in Budapest: How business exchange is enhanced


With the aim of promoting competitiveness and best practices, the Executive Search organization, IMD International Search Group, organization that located in the top 20 worldwide in the global talent search, held its second annual world conference, in Budapest, during the month of October. In the meeting, important Head Hunting companies from all over the world participated, members of the group, within which SommerGroup® was present. One of the central themes of the meeting was the generation of higher revenues for the industry, where it was announced the creation of a new position Chief Revenue Officer, whose role is to [...]

1 05, 2019

Leaders resistant to change: main barrier to digital transformation


Despite all the benefits, digital transformation is a struggle for many organizations and there is no single model for success. In what does exist consensus is that for a digital transformation to be successful, it must be driven by its leaders. In this context, SommerGroup® conducted a survey, published in March by Chile's leading daily newspaper (El Mercurio), where it consulted which are the main barriers to digital transformation, where 52% of respondents voted for the "resistant leaders option to the change". CEOs need to move beyond their traditional role and become leaders who understands the potential of new [...]