Talent Management

Strategies and procedures to identify and manage talent, with an emphasis on shaping and/or maintain viable succession plans for critical positions in the organization.

This tool sets opportunities for professional development and career paths optimized for the company, thus contributing to their sustainability.

Descriptions and Position Profiles

Updating and/or posting job Descriptions and Profiles according to the SommerGroup® model and/or needs of our client.

Human Resources Diagnosis and Modeling

Comprehensive advice that can generate or optimize the People Management Model, and at the end a guide for long and medium term, strategic and tactical management, thus contributing to the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of HR and the organization.

Skills Management Model

Development and/or updating theskills model, by raising and operationalizing the developmental level of these skills. It optimizes and integrates HR management; a more rigorous selection process puts objectivity into decision-making, performance evaluation and development.