About Us

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Welcome to SommerGroup®

We are a company specializing in Headhunting, Assessment and Consulting comprised of a specialized multidisciplinary team of professionals. Led by its founder Rodolfo Sommer, Partner and CEO, Ximena Rodriguez, Client Manager and Partner, Sebastian Pedraza, General Manager and Partner and José Tomás Guridi, Administration and Development Manager and Partner.

With more than 20 years in the industry, we have acquired the know-how that allows us to know the job market well, and to work together closely with our clients which enable us a deeper understanding of their unique needs and culture.


The dynamism and competitiveness of the current labor calls for providing modern and effective solutions that are based on solid foundations:

Long-term relationships, based on knowledge and commitment to each of its customers.
Quality service guaranteed, certified by ISO 9001.
A permanent concern for presenting innovative solutions to customers and being at the forefront of new practices.
A path that has generated market intelligence for each position and the critical know-how for understanding characterization, availability, location, and price.
Professionals committed to a common purpose, capable of achieving, complementing each other’s abilities and by mutual support.