Privacy policy

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SommerGroup® has developed a privacy policy and personal data protection that ensures maximum discretion and protection of personal data.

The policy states that CV’s are submitted on a voluntary basis and have the consent of the candidates to be kept in SommerGroup’s® database, for consideration and/or use in current or future search or selection processes for its customers. SommerGroup® agrees to deliver personal information exclusively to clients and provided that there is a vacancy in which such personal information fits in.

SommerGroup® can store, communicate and generally use applicant’s information and/or personal data for current and/or future search and recruitment processes without previous new or other authorizations by applicants.

SommerGroup’s® terms of reference inform clients about the conditions governing the service, and which state that the Client agrees to treat candidates’ personal information and applications as strictly confidential and not to share them with third parties or to be used for purposes other than the selection process the candidates are applying for.

Notwithstanding above, SommerGroup® can analyze and use all information submitted by candidates as statistical data ,i.e. without being associated with an identified or identifiable owner, and no prior authorization by the candidates is required.

SommerGroup® is governed by Chilean Law 20.575, which establishes that no economic, financial, banking or commercial personal information is to be requested in staffing selection processes.

SommerGroup’s® professional practices are governed by legal requirements and regulations in the Constitution of Chile, the Labor Code and the International Standard ISO 9001, and are consistent with SommerGroup®’s organizational values of Honesty, Customer Service, Commitment, Value of People, Strength and Teamwork.