Individual Evaluation

Counseling service in hiring decisions, using a methodology of evaluation, registered as intellectual property, which combines model-based skills, psychological tools, and information regarding the position to evaluate and company culture where the candidate will be placed. These tools allow us to determine the degree of fit between the person, position, organization and the offer.

Evaluation of Potential

Counseling service in hiring decisions when promoting from within for specific positions, which evaluate a skill profile for each candidate, quantifying their potential even for skills that the person has not yet displayed or has exercised. The process includes the use of an exercise simulation to assess the individual and unique skills between the current position and future position.

Assessment Center

Evaluation system that combines several techniques to assess skills in a comprehensive and objective way, by observing behavior.

The distinctive techniques of this methodology are simulations and practical exercises that replicate work situations and elicit behaviors that are evaluated in a real context. Depending on the skills evaluated a unique type of simulation will be chosen: Case Analysis, Business Game, Presentation Exercise, Inbox, Simulated Interview, or Discussion Group.