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Executive Onboarding

Programaimed at both executives and managers entering a new company, and those leaders who face a promotion and / or relocation, through which itfacilitates and accelerates cultural integration, relations with stakeholders and effectiveness in the exercise of role.

Corporate Onboarding

Designed action spaths grouped by position, which are aligned with the company strategy and customized to the organization, usually associated with revenue planning, restructuring or growth. Developed by an Onboarding committee whose subsequent implementation grants our clients autonomy.

Onboarding Workshops

Workshops designed and facilitated to deliverthoery and practice aimed at groups of people who are assuming a new position, which will speed up their effectiveness, achieving success and integration.

Management Coaching Program

Strategically designed for executives looking to develop or enhance their leadership skills. Through concrete learning tools, rapid and visible behavioral achievements are achieved that enhance the role of the leader.

Online Onboarding

SommerGroup® online platform, through the use of a self-directed system, allows you to see the process stages, content, and practice exercises. You can Access an Onboarding advisorvia a forum.

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