Because our customers say it, today we share it… One of our major differentiations is permanent monitoring of our work through the feedback that our clients, companies and candidates give.

Approval numbers have been our compass for of 22 years of experience, which orients our efforts towards continuous improvement.

How do we measure its assessments? To evaluate the perception of our customers with regard to the service, at the end of each search process, we conducted a survey whose results during the year 2017 reached a 93% satisfaction and a 100% approval in Onboarding. In this context, what our customers value most is “provided assistance, the contribution of relevant information that guides and support them in their decision-making”.

But our work does not end once completed the service. We carry out a follow-up of the candidates after three months of being hired. We currently have the satisfaction of having a positive assessment, results of a 98% satisfaction from their bosses regarding the performance of the candidates hired and a 95% of satisfaction of the same candidates with the position and the company that hired them.

And it is precisely our differentiation that allows us to have today a consolidated Group of loyal customers, of which the 77% are clients who rely on our work year after year.

Finally, all of our services come with a warranty and customers know they have that support. With regard to the number of exercised guarantees processes carried out, the index is inferior to the 3%.

The numbers speak, are objective and encouraging, behind us and motivates us to keep improving our services, because the voice of our customers will always be our inspiration in this long and challenging road.