Cycles by legacies, not by terms

Column by Rodolfo Sommer
Cycles by legacies, not by terms

IMG_1367-200x300Every day, we talk to people eager to change positions, face new challenges and undertake new career paths. As a general rule, the standard to recognize that a change is needed or that a cycle has been reached has to do with a number of years. However, cycles on the chair are no longer measured by time – it is not 2, 4 or 10 years – but they are assessed under legacies.

In order to know if you are ready for a job change you should ask yourself whether or not, while performing the role (regardless the time I have played this role), you have been able to make any change, improvement, contribution or get any results that have impacted either the organization or the business.

This applies to all positions, regardless of hierarchical level, influence or hierarchical level, influence or mainstreaming. All individuals have, within their scope of authority granted, the ability to identify opportunities for change or improvement that will add value to the company.

Contributions may have a different level of complexity and influence, and can be summarized under the following points:

1. Costs: efficiency, saving from use of resources
2. Income: sales, loyalty from customers
3. Innovation: improvement of processes, systems, products
4. Leadership: improvement of relations, alignment, performance, quality of life
5. Paradigms: vision, strategy, market understanding

Regardless of your role, you can contribute significantly to one (or more than one) of these points, and your time in the company should not be just another story but you should be able to leave your mark on the development of the organization.

Then, when you think that a cycle is over, and want to be sure about making a good decision what you have to analyze is whether or not your work has produced a legacy that will transcend you, a contribution that will remain in the organization even after you leave the company.

Column by Rodolfo Sommer U.
Partner/Founder of SommerGroup®