Is Chile really a creative country?

Perhaps from our Latin American identity or simply our own idiosyncrasy, is to go out and admire in any sidewalk, fair, local market and even the formal trade, how our market strategy has been, since long ago, looking for ideas in other markets and replicating them, with a frantic speed. What started as a practice […]

Talent Management: The 80/20 business success

Column by Magdalena Gili How long have we talked about Talent Management? The concept of “Talent Management” was born at the end of the 90s. Research from Mc Kinsey shows that 80% of a company’s profits are generated by 20% of its workforce. This makes it difficult for an organization to attract and retain talented […]

SommerGroup® achieves 2 decades!

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Column by Sebastián Pedraza SommerGroup® achieves 2 decades! From my personal experience, I want to talk about how I’ve lived and shared in the steady growth of our company. I came to SommerGroup® 12 years ago; backI could sense the fierce competition that was emerging in this dynamic market and how this reality turned into […]

Quality of Life: a shareholder in the company

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Sebastián Pedraza’s Column Quality of Life: a shareholder in the company Today, companies are putting greater importance in their decisions to the issue of quality of life and work balance. In some cases, they do this by promoting best practices, or advancement by way of certification, to officially change the company’s professional work-balance. B alancing […]

Under the wings of the skillful?

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Informal Corporate Codes: Under the wings of the skillful? In the corporate world of big companies, administration or management has more to do with control, than with decision making. For this, there are two ways of exerting power and control over the organization: the formal, through rules and procedures, and the informal system, through codes […]

SommerGroup® bet “more with less”

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In times of economic slowdown SommerGroup® bet “more with less” The month of September is always memorable for SommerGroup® as we are celebrating our anniversary, and this time we have fulfilled 19 years of experience in the market; a journey of profound growth in knowledge, experience, learning and positioning. While it is a day we […]