Employer branding: A response to the shortage of talent

Column by Francisca Parot
Employer branding: A response to the shortage of talent

fran parot 1The current situation in the labor market has made companies rethink their process for obtaining and retaining talent; this has become an increasingly scarce resource. There is a trend that has been developing worldwide, making it ever more difficult for companies to find the right candidates and retain key positions. Given this scenario, understanding turnover, the mobility of the younger generation, the difficulty of involving the employees with the company, and how this impacts productivity and profits, has taken center stage to the concept of “a good employer.” An element such as the reputation of a company is becoming increasingly important to attract talent; from this idea the Employer branding strategy is born.

Employer branding is a concept based on linking several intangible elements, such as perception and image versus identity and the ability to differentiate between the two. In short, employer branding, or the employer name, represents the image a company projects to its potential workers. If you have a strong image as an employer, your company is considered to be a prestigious and desirable place to work, with attractive values and career development opportunities.

The goal of developing an Employer Branding strategy is to convey the core values of a company. The purpose of developing an Employer Branding strategy is to convey the core values of a company. This must be believable, relevant, and distinctive so as to position itself successfully in the market. Through development of an employer branding strategy, you can align the brand objectives and attributes of corporate identity, with the characteristics that you are looking for in existing employees.

Employer branding uses marketing tools and brand strategy of the company to develop a differentiation strategy for promotion and motivation and to attract and retain top talent. In an increasingly competitive market, it is a crucial tool to attract and retain talent.

It helps companies to, become desirable places to work, have a larger group of people interested in working at the company and therefore be able to select the best ones, boost the employee’s position and commitment to the company and, emphasize, distinguish, and generate a distinctive identity over the competition.

In short, Employer Branding nowadays is crucial for organizations. Companies that have a clearly defined purpose (beyond business) retain the best talent, since it increases the visibility of the organization in the labor market and helps it to stand out from the “competition” for talent.

Francisca Parot B.
Accounts Director SommerGroup
December 2013