SommerGroup® bet “more with less”

In times of economic slowdown
SommerGroup® bet “more with less”

x rodriguez 11 09 14 2The month of September is always memorable for SommerGroup® as we are celebrating our anniversary, and this time we have fulfilled 19 years of experience in the market; a journey of profound growth in knowledge, experience, learning and positioning. While it is a day we celebrate, we cannot remain oblivious to economic climate we are experiencing and SommerGroup® assists its customers to face this in the best way during these changing times.

In a dynamic labor market, we seek to move ahead reinventing ourselves year after year; we will transform our solutions to meet the demanding requirements of the industry, forever evolving.

We endorse our clients as strategic partners, remaining at their side to look at the current and future scenarios and to identify the most talented to make their businesses more efficient. Our challenge is to support them in generating solutions to improve the talent within their organizations.

Currently, companies have an imperative to restructure, the most strategic way to do this is by not ignoring the “most costly” partners in terms of income, but identifying the best talent, in the market and within the organization, which will enable the business to grow and become more profitable.

The goal is to identify partners who add real value to the business and thus retain them. It will be these key executives who provide “more with less”, based on high performance which improves productivity. Thus they will be able to form teams which will always add to, contribute, and strategically manage resources, with leadership that promotes a good working environment.

We appreciate the confidence of each of our clients, because the last 19 years running, have been with you, hand in hand, both facing the challenging horizons, which are always pushing us to create new ways to stay on top of business.

Ximena Rodríguez C.
Member / Client Manager