Quality of Life: a shareholder in the company

Sebastián Pedraza’s Column
Quality of Life: a shareholder in the company

sebastian p 2Today, companies are putting greater importance in their decisions to the issue of quality of life and work balance. In some cases, they do this by promoting best practices, or advancement by way of certification, to officially change the company’s professional work-balance. B

alancing work and family life for employees, is an important and close subject for everyone, and while relatively new in Chile, companies have begun to gradually feel the impact that the lack of work-balance can lead to: low motivation, more turnover, productivity impact, absenteeism, among others. This gap is particularly visible among the younger generations, who have high expectations about work-balance policies, which presents us with a significant challenge for the years to come.

What brings this work-balance? The focus is to design good practices centering on the person, recognizing his or her needs and developing mechanisms to satisfy them. A happy executive brings the best of himself or herself, is more committed to the company and builds a seamless circle between happiness and productivity. Some companies have gone a step further ahead of this statement of principles and have defined catalogs of work-balance practices that address dimensions such as leadership style, job quality, work flexibility and family security.

The aim is to develop whole people, that the center of business management is the human being in all its dimensions, balancing work and personal areas, looking for the employees’ and their families’ happiness. Surely this will result in a significant competitive factor and impact the level of results for each organization that undertakes it.

Sebastián Pedraza V.

Socio – Gerente General de SommerGroup®