82% of executives said that their boss is their primary source of stress

82% of executives said that their boss is their primary source of stress

grafico 28 03 16 2 engInternational studies revealed that those with good bosses are between 20% and 30% of lower heart attack risk. Other expert investigations in personality assessments say that for 75% of the work force, the boss is the main source of stress.

According to a survey by SommerGroup®, where 229 executives, managers and assistant managers were consulted about the main cause of stress, 82% said it was the boss, because his/her leadership determines how to approach the work. The leaders define the strategies, arrange resources, implement and deliver them to be synchronized with their teams so that they are put into motion and carried out. They are the compass and the daily push for the employees, without a clear definition of objectives, their path is uncertain, in addition if there isn’t an adequate management of pressure, the executives may become stressed, lose motivation and even leave the company.

When the boss is not a good boss, the company runs a significant risk of losing key talent. The leader has to make sure that people are doing the right thing, he/she must create opportunities for development and give them feedback to guide and to give meaning to what they do.

Finally, when the boss is a good boss, his/her teams are motivated, committed, and achieve results more efficiently.

Sample Data
N 229
Date: January 2016