Who chooses the company or the candidates?

According to the survey by SommerGroup®, where it asked, if companies are winning over their candidates; 63% replied: “No, because the companies are choosing who joins.”

This response is known by many as it represents the paradigm of recent times, which is that corporations are choosing who joins them. However, today this is changing very quickly, especially with the new generations of professionals and executives. “Promptly we will show how these percentages will be reversing because today people, employees, and executives are much more selective when choosing the companies they want to work for and the characteristics of the positions that want to fill,” says Ximena Rodriguez, Partner / Customer Manager SommerGroup®.


The challenge for companies is to work towards making themselves attractive enough to entice the best talent and to have the ability to choose among the best of those who want to join their company. “If the company is seen as not working on making themselves attractive to the targeted audience who they want to entice then the company is not appealing to the market and therefore the scope of who they can choose is limited in the recruitment area” explains a psychologist.

“Today it is the tasks of companies to make sure that they are aspirational places for candidates so that the best want to stay. It is the job for the head hunting companies to identify from the group of the best, to “The best of the best” appropriate for the culture. It is not only searching for but attracting talent; there is a challenge for the company to project a dependable image that will attract and bring on board the executive, “concludes Rodriguez.