The Empowering of RH and investment paralyzation


In the first stage of the labor Law reform implementation many different sceniaros are shown. That’s why both companies and unions are preparing precise measures for the changes that are coming. SommerGroup® wanted to probe the impact the labor law reform is having in the employment market, in the “Empowerment of Human Resources areas”, the main measure being taken, with 42% of the vote.
“Empowering Human Resources departments, there by strengthening the legal area, such as those focus on negotiation, is a measure that has intensified. This, becausethey are preparing to face the new work environment, where union shave a greater role.”explains Sebastian Pedraza, CEO of SommerGroup®.
Second, closely related to the above, we have the alternative “Paralyzation of investments” with 40% of the vote. “Generally, when changes come, the future Outlook is uncertain and businesses are more cautious, taking fewer risks. This has also led to a decline in hiring, since there are fewer projects and the economyis more restrained, “says the executive.
Finally, an other initiative that businesses are implementingis “Benefits associated with productivity and profits” this option in the survey obtained 18% of the vote. “With this method, companies want the iremployees to see that a stalemate could directly affect their personal income, because a long strike results in a loss to employees, namely in their bonuses because they can not produce anything or accomplish goals. In this way, they are less inclined at paralyzation “concludes psychologist.