A SommerGroup® Poll: 57% Anticipate the changes


In the current economic outlook, we asked ourselves, how were companies dealing with and managing changes and how they are staying current and competitive in the market.

According to the results shown by the survey, only 57% of respondents are anticipating the changes. “We are surprised that only slightly more than half of respondents have a proactive attitude towards change; in a constantly changing and declining economic outlook, it is essential that one is adaptable in order to, not only react to change but to anticipate and manage it. The managing of change allows one to stay competitive and innovation, to be efficient and to bring to the forefront the customer, their satisfaction, and the product quality or service it receives,” analyzes Rodolfo Sommer, founding partner of SommerGroup®. There are at least two areas in which you can manage change proactively: people and the work processes in which people are key.

In terms of people and talent management, while there is data that cannot be predicted, organizations can provide executives capable of managing the proposed changes, to identify ahead of time the talent that already has potential in its organization, thus facilitating the process of adaptation to new positions (Onboarding), so that they can employ their potential and start contributing quickly. For this, it is essential to identify the already existing talent and to be better in line with the process of change, by defining job profiles (specific executive skills), which account for the human resources that the company requires, to shape their culture and lead the process of change.

In terms of the business processes, which is where people create value, it is essential to proactively identify all opportunities for optimization and improvement which they can provide in order to achieve greater efficiency in the areas of cost and scheduling, and thus be more competitive, adaptable, and innovative in providing a better customer experience.

“In conclusion, within the actions being done by the companies, is the efficient management of costs, the implementation of operational excellence programs, and continual improvement and redefinition of leadership profiles, in line with the business,” concludes Sommer.

Sample data

N: 223

Date: Aug/Sep 2016