Consulting: new trend of the Head Hunting industry


In March 2017, was held the annual Conference of the AESC (Association Executive Search Consulting), in New York, which brings together the most important Head Hunting firms worldwide. At the meeting the session of the Council of the Americas was held, which gathers representatives from North America, Central and South. SommerGroup® participated with our partner Ximena Rodríguez, Member of the Council. The instance was aimed to the up to date of the labor, economic and political context of the region, as well as sharing information and views on the behavior of the Head Hunting and consulting industry respect of each country’s business. Also, on the occasion, Chile presented the initiative of a group of national Head Hunting companies, belonging to the AESC: Equation Partners Humanitas, Kornferry, Sommergroup®, Spencer Stuart and Stanton Chase. The carried out project, has been considered a good practice to replicate in other countries, whose objective has been to strengthen national Head Hunting industry, fostering the collective work to promote quality standards for this business in Chile. The initiative has involved a paradigm shift in this category, from the creation of a coordinated grouping, collaborative works, as for example searches of Directors for non-profit companies, where some of these Head Hunting firms have teamed up to find the best candidate on the market, with a social purpose. On the other hand, the participation of SommerGroup® at the Conference allowed to confirm that the trend of current Head Hunting industry is changing, the customers are in need of not only search, but also advice. In that sense the international consultancy service is strengthening, supporting customers not only in the incorporation, but also in the management of talent in their organizations, subject in which SommerGroup® is already working successfully. Finally, the Conference was, once again, a rewarding opportunity to share visions and practices of the industry.