The story of our first customer

Column by Rodolfo Sommer
The story of our first customer

rodolfo sommer 2A few days ago I got together with the person who was our first customer; we went for lunch. While we ate, I listened to him and, at the same time, my thoughts went back to the first day of our working together and how never dreamed we’d be sharing 19 years later.

How was it that the first client became a friend who went from talking about work to taking about life?

19 years ago we had nothing; no brand, no experience, no methods or international alliances. We only had the desire to provide the best service. So I passed it on and, with the knowledge we had at that time- we played and we did it. He responded with the most favorable responses: “I trust you”.

Today we appreciate that trust, not only because it was the basal brick that made us what we are today, but because it taught us that this business is for people and about people. Customers do not just hire a company, but also the relationship of trust they establish with those who comprise it. And most importantly, the service we develop tailored to, advising our customers based on our knowledge of each and every one of them.

After 19 years of experience, we remain convinced that our business is for people and about people, feeding on the bonds that we have all helped build, the result of which we have established and patented what we have learned into best practices and methodologies and the development of our service model, which is the compass that guides us.

Rodolfo Sommer U.
Founding Partner / SommerGroup®