SommerGroup® achieves 2 decades!

Column by Sebastián Pedraza
SommerGroup® achieves 2 decades!

sebastian p 2From my personal experience, I want to talk about how I’ve lived and shared in the steady growth of our company.
I came to SommerGroup® 12 years ago; backI could sense the fierce competition that was emerging in this dynamic market and how this reality turned into a powerful challenge to differentiate ourselves. We were a group of young professionals, who were trying to make our way in an already well established industry, where our market entry had an edgy look. So we created an identity which distinguished us from the rest: starting with high quality work, and achieving the perfect fit between the candidate-position and culture, with a path marked by the experience.

SommerGroup® started with clients who trusted their founder, Rodolfo Sommer, and time has revealed the current position of our company. Gradually we incorporated new and innovative services such as, the Executive Search and Assessment, Senior Prospective Identification and the latest service, the Onboarding service, which we pioneered in Chile.

Each of our valued customers is very important to us. With them we have experienced changes: in own industry, in themselves and in their internal structures, and in us with our constant quest to adapt and anticipate the dynamics of the market. We are continuously caring not only about meeting their requirements by 100%, but about tracking and following up on the placements, so the bond that unites us today is solid.

Today we have achieved two decades, resulting from countless “hit and miss operations”, emails, phone calls, meetings, interviews, evaluations, consultations, events, trips, coffees with interesting conversations and thousands of entertaining anecdotes. We’ve accumulated a rich logbook of experience that fills us with pride and satisfaction, and this motivates us to go forward, down the path of professional and personal growth.

All this would not have been possible without our excellent workforce and loyal customers. Thank you for being a fundamental part of our history: past, present and future.

Sebastián Pedraza V.

Partner and General Manager of SommerGroup®